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Yahoo Publisher Network

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New Member
Yahoo Publisher Network, my site just was approved so I just placed those colorful ads on my site yesterday. Have heard lots of good things about that ad publisher. They are in Beta mode now and only the USA residents can join this at the time being. $100.00 check to receive payout. It was quite easy to set up on the site, now I may have to make more sites if this works out.

Does anyone have any experience with Yahoo Publisher Network and if so, do you like it?


New Member
Iam Currently with adsense.
And Eagerly waiting for YPN to be launched in India.
As per some rumours it will be launched in India by June 2006.

BTW Good Luck with ur new account. :)

peter phillips

New Member
BTW can you guys tell me how does YPN compare to Adsense in terms of revenue? I have heard that Yahoo pays more per click than Google.


New Member
I have heard similar from US friends that are on YPN. I actually got accepted to YPN and then noticed the US only thing when I was filling out the rest of the details, which I was quite sorry about (I live in the UK). I guess I'll have to wait a while to find out.

My google earnings have increased recently though, so perhaps they have been raising their payouts to try to woo people back from YPN?
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