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Which extension is the best


New Member
In my opinion .com is the best extension but it doesn’t mean other extensions are not good they have their own importance. So you should select an extension according to your requirement.


New Member
FileInfo.com contains a retrieveable data source of a large number of submit additions with details about the associated submit kinds. It is best for every company or individual .


New Member
FileInfo.com contains a searchable database of thousands of computer file extensions with details about the associated computer file types. Each entry contains details about the extendable, a description of the computer file, and the program or programs that can open the computer file.


New Member
If both extensions are available, then I advice to go for both, as it costs only a few dollars for registration. To have more presence in future you may think about registering the co-extension and learn about the advantages.


New Member
If your budget is larger, you may want to consider purchasing variations of the domain name to ensure that customers can find you easily. What do you think about it?


New Member
If your site is Commercial website.You can go for .com extension...If the site is organization related means you can go for .org extension.You can Better try first .com if it's not available in .com you can go for .org You can register the Domain name at www.whoisxy.com


New Member
if both extensions are available i would suggest snapping them both up as it only costs a few dollars a year for registration. to gain more of a presence in the future consider also registering the .co extension and learn about the advantages of it


New Member
With the help of professional link building, you will be surely able to get higher global rankings and organic traffic to your website efficiently. Another worthwhile internet marketing technique is called as web content writing without which SEO is just null and void indeed.


New Member
Dot com domains are the number one choice for just about any new website. The reason for this is basically the familiarity that the general public has with these types of domains, though the importance of your domain extension may vary for some types of sites.


New Member
Best of joomla gives you news, joomla templates,joomla extensions,joomla hosting, tutorials and websites about Joomla.

international extension .com
NGO .org
region wise .uk,.au
news .tv


New Member
using .org and .co is given some good view to websites every one can trust the site....because org means organization and co means corporation so u can increase your visibility easilly.......

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