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Set Of Two Domain Names

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I tried this in the Auction category and only got one (negative) comment, so I'll try a different approach here.

I have a set of two domain names that I'd like to put up for sale.

They are...


The purpose of having both the standard and hyphenated versions is SEO. Google views the hyphenated version - "best-outdoor-forums" - as the complete phrase - "best outdoor forums" (viewing the hyphens as spaces), whereas "bestoutdoorforums" is seen as one word.

Whenever I have the opportunity to purchase both versions, I put up a site on the hyphenated version and forward the non-hyphenated version to it as well. This way, I get better search engine traffic ("best outdoor forums") as well as type-in traffic (bestoutdoorforums.com).

The registrar for the domain names is Webmasters. I will transfer ownership upon acceptance of your offer and receipt of payment to my Paypal account. Fees for transferring the domain names to another registrar will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

If you would like to make an offer on these names (as a set), please contact me via PM or email. I reserve the right to decline any and all offers.


- Gary
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