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Selling Domain Names - How Does One Do This?

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Selling A Domain Name - How To

Let's start a topic here and discuss how someone with one or more domain names can sell the domain names. Where can we sell them? What's the best approach to sell a domain name? Should we sell them on an online auction? Should we approach a possible buyer without them asking us to buy it? Should we get a domain appraisal? Should we list a set price or let someone come up with a price that they'd like to offer for a domain name? Thank you!


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I would first develop it into a site. For my security of funds and the trademark issue if any. (It dosen't matters even if it is a single page site.)

Then I would try and get this names appraised at the places like we have here in appraisals section. (In real a buyer always knows wht his or her domains are worth. Appraisals are just for showing off to potential buyers and to get some confidence.)

After I get a rough idea of what this domains are worth. I would wait for sometime for possible buyers to contact me. So the ball is in his court not mine. If I approach him I lose 20% of the money then and there. Viceversa is more benificial.

And if a possible buyer doesn't contacts me and I want to sell it then I will surely lose that 20% benifit and contact him with a letter or on a phone. Some sample letters can be seen here. http://www.nameslot.com/showthread.php?tid=133

I would do this for around 5 to 10 possible buyers. So that I can compares the offers and even if some don't respond I am not wasting my time.
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