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Sedo Partners with Domain Capital to Finance Purchases of $10,000+

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Cambridge, Massachusetts - (Cheap Web Hosting Directory) - June 16, 2006 - Domain name marketplace, Sedo, has partnered with Domain Capital to offer domain investors finance plans on high-value domain purchases. The program will support a large number of investors seeking to purchase high-return domain names without making a large upfront capital expenditure.

Tim Schumacher, Chief Executive Officer of Sedo explained, ''With a growing number of high-value transactions each month and the ability to instantly drive recurring revenue through parking, financing is the next logical step for the domain industry. Our partnership with Domain Capital enables Sedo to bring more value to domain investors and extends our track record of delivering innovative services to the market.'' Sedo's financing program is currently designed for domain name purchases of $10,000 or more. Through the first five months of 2006, Sedo brokered 211 such transactions.

According to the company, Domain Capital is the first and only financial services company to offer financing to businesses based on the inherent and recognized value of premium domain names. Domain Capital's vision is to provide exciting new financial products and services designed to enable entrepreneurs to exploit new business models.

Sedo, an acronym for ''Search Engine for Domain Offers,'' is an online marketplace for buying and selling domain names and websites. Headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., Sedo has assembled what it believes is the world's largest database of domain names for sale, with more than four million listings. Buyers and sellers are brought together through a searchable online marketplace, and conduct negotiations anonymously using an offer-counteroffer system. To facilitate successful transactions, Sedo has introduced a range of related services, including domain name escrow/transfer services, domain name appraisals, a domain brokerage service and paid domain name parking. The success of Sedo's model has attracted a global membership base of more than 200,000 domain professionals, and helped more than 5,000 businesses start their Web presence off on the right foot with a great new domain name. Sedo offers regional versions of its site for the UK (Sedo.co.uk), France (Sedo.fr), Germany (Sedo.de), and Spain (eSedo.com).

To learn more about Domain Capital, please visit: www.domaincapital.com.

For additional information, please visit www.sedo.com.


New Member
This is interesting, does this mean that people would actually take out a loan to buy a domain name? That sounds quite risky to me. Quite tempting to some. Thanks for bringing this info to me, as I am no longer with the Sedo but was for some time so this is interesting to me.


Active Member
Well if someone is giving loans then its good. :D
So now even a small kid can buy 2 letter or 3 letter names.

But what about newbies? I think they will fall big time if this continues.
The normal thing where a newbie learns as he gets hit for $10-$20 is better then falling in a hole for 10K's


HEHEHH. That's also true. Someone will fall big time if he or she takes out a loan and then gets scammed.
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