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Quality Business Directory Creates Breakthrough Listings With Informative Blogs

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Boost your own website's ranking with online business directory submissions and watch it climb up the ranking in a matter of months.

Making your website rank better against your rival sites offering the same services translates to enormous amount of hard work. Building page rank also consumes a lot of time, because search spiders don't update their database in real time. If your website is an online directory, then building its page ranking is twice as tricky – because you have limited options and use of keywords and other search optimizer tools.

But Global Internet Index proves all of these wrong. Online directories can also get good traffic ranks in just a short time. Global Internet Index is created under the Global Internet Web Directory Project of the company. Its service started late in 2006 and as of today, it boasts of 162,849 live backlinks in Yahoo and 31,276 in MSN. Alexa awards the site with 42,011 of traffic rank and Google PageRank gives it a 5/10 search importance.

All search engine optimizers would agree in saying that sending your site's link on a high-ranking online directory helps a lot in building your own website's rank on search engine results. This is actually the concept that all online directories capitalize on. It is also the reason why there are simply a lot of them offering services in the Internet today.

But Global Internet Index is bent on listing only quality web resources in their website. Listing quality websites is very different from merely accepting any website. They meticulously choose and approve the sites that exhibit good customer value. And here is where Global Internet Index expertise lies – in spotting sites offering quality content and service from those used for other purposes such as spamming, indiscriminate advertising campaigns, and phishing.

A quality online directory is the one that would deliver users with quality results. It means that every web directory it has is very helpful to the viewing party. It has no striking banners, no pop-up ads, and no distracting advertisements. It also ensures its visitors of total privacy.

Currently, Global Internet Index has 23 categories and 1000 subcategories already working. And if your own website doesn't seem to fit in any of them, just contact the administrator and request for a new category. They would certainly create one for you. Submitting links with them is fairly easy too - all you have to do is to fill up the form.

Quality web listing comes in three types – featured + 5 Deep links, regular + 3 Deep links, and regular with reciprocal. Featured links costs $75 and stands as the premium package among the three. Regular is priced at $25 and regular with reciprocal is at $20.

Global Internet Directory currently partners with SEO Services India and Digital World Solutions to efficiently provide superior service to its clients. They also accept donations from private entities and in return, they get to be featured in the sponsor's page for only a nominal fee of $25 per month.

For more information about Global Internet Index, log on to their website at http://www.gii.in/. You can also get in touch with them through the contact us link provided in the website.

Global Internet Index - Business Web Directory
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