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Putting adsense on fire

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New Member
Somdays ago I was just trying to say that I have this many sites to another member on one forum.

He started saying bad words to me. And said that due to sheer weight that webmasters like us put on the search engines their small sites are on 100,00th page :D hahaahhh

I was just trying out some open source news scripts and some databases which I already had. And see what I came up with http://www.delq.com

It has 1500 articles in it and has 1500 different pages for it. AHAHHAH.

Now this is just starting. I have a database of 100,850 articles. And I am slowly uploading all of them here. :p

Just hoping that this will put that guys site far far far back then it was ever before.


Active Member
In that way this forum is also putting much weight on SE's with so many words in it. So do i shut it down?

Good luck with your site.
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