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Posting contest

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Active Member
Yes you can get a free domain name. You have to just make good posts and you can win the free domains or a free domain name of your choice which you want registered.


Active Member
Okay friends new update of the posting contest stats.

Jayesh 127
Jignesh - 118
kartikshradha - 91
mann3r - 46
nielsencl - 38


Active Member
Another Update Today.

Jayesh - 191
Jignesh - 161
Kartikshradha - 97
nieclsencl - 80
Mann3r - 69

Only a week or so left.


New Member
Hi, I am Kartikshradha above, facing a BAN!

I am still in the list as 3rd winner till date, would I be counted in the final tally of the prizes for my 97 posts, my hard work and my time?


Active Member
LOL you are again banned.

And Now your I.P. is also banned.


You don't understand the rules. You don't know what a quality posting is. I would give 5 stars to your above posts from the 97 posts you made and other 50 or so posts that I have to delete.

This is a domain names forum. Plus this is a privately owned forum. I have never ever treated someone like this in 15 months but you are the first one that has made me do this.

You have been warned more then 3 times which is the rule here. You go on posting adult links in the threads and your signatures and you think that you are still eligible for the prizes.

Think yourself and you will have the answer. I don't care about the prizes. If I am not giving them to you I am giving them to the 6th top posting member here. But you are banned. And that's it.


New Member
and the admin talks, good decision there. other member, please observe rules, please have this as a lesson. thanks


Active Member
Moreover we now have the Private section live which is only visible to the Staff members.

So we will be deciding on the basis of majority votes from the staff about the final decisions.


Active Member
Updated posting contest stats:

jayesh - 197
jignesh - 169
nielsencl - 88
mann3r - 74
invj - 29

As one member is already banned from the top 5 the 6th member is now considered on the fifth place.


i think i am late :(

29th today and no chance to make around 200 posts.


Active Member
1st Prize: 1 Year Hosting Free.
- Goes to jayesh with 197 posts.

2nd Prize: Small bundle of domain names from me.
- Goes to jignesh with 183 posts.

3rd Prize: A Domain name of your choice.
- Goes to nielsencl with 101 posts.

4th Prize: A complete Jokes site with 9000 Jokes in it. It is earning $20 - $25 per month in adsense also.
- Goes to mann3r with 75 posts.

5th Prize: PR 4 Feaured Link for 3 months.
- Goes to invj - 29 posts.

Will be PMing you guys with the needed details as per the prizes you have won.

It was a great month and nice competition. Hoping you all would have enjoyed it.


Active Member
Jayesh - Let me know the domain name and I will set up the Hosting account.

Jignesh - I think you don't have Verified account so I will push some domains in Enom or namecheap as they allow unverified accounts. Give me some time on this one.

nielsencl - Please PM me the domain name of your choice.

Mann3r - Please let me know your Email address so that I can send the files of that site to you. Also let me know your enom account details so I can push the domain name to you.

invj - Let me know the links details and it will be live.


New Member
thank you verry much admin.ok no probs let me know when u want to push the domain.i will prefer namecheap or u can tell me any registran i will open my new accnt with that.again thanks for the prize.and congratulation to jayesh,nielsencl,Mann3r and invj.



New Member
congratulations to all the winners of this contest, you deserve it! hope you will not stop posting in the community.


New Member
Nameslot said:
Mann3r - Please let me know your Email address so that I can send the files of that site to you. Also let me know your enom account details so I can push the domain name to you.
just created an account in enomcentral. under user: mann3r and the email add is the same mann3r at yahoo dot com
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