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The Domain Name System (DNS) is a global database that translates domain names to Internet addresses that are used by computers to talk to each other.BigRock's platform powers over 4.5 million domains.


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Nice info thanks for sharing, Am planning to buy domain is bigrock good for hosting and domain registration services.


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The delegate points to a method that will be executed by the new thread. Pass this delegate as a parameter when creating a new Thread instance.


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New Thread

Creates and runs a new thread to execute the instructions given in block.Any arguments passed to Thread new are passed into the block.


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A process can create one or more threads to execute a portion of the program code associated with the process. Use a ThreadStart delegate or the ParameterizedThreadStart delegate to specify the program code executed by a thread. The ParameterizedThreadStart delegate allows you to pass data to the thread procedure.
For the duration of its existence, a thread is always in one or more of the states defined by ThreadState. A scheduling priority level, as defined by ThreadPriority, can be requested for a thread, but is not guaranteed to be honored by the operating system.
GetHashCode provides identification for managed threads. For the lifetime of your thread, it will not collide with the value from any other thread, regardless of the application domain from which you obtain the value.


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This is nice post to get detail knowledge about domain name it is a address of your website on internet.

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