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Need developed web sites

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New Member
I want to buy some developed websites which are earning $5 per day approximately. I can give you $300 or $450 dollars for it. Good traffic websites. it can be directories, or script selling websites. if script selling websites then you will have to give me that scripts which it is selling and have to promise that you will not sell it anymore from then onwards. I don't have adsense or YPN account so not interested in websites earning from adsense or advertisements. only cash earning websites. like earning in paypal etc.


New Member
I think your offer of $300 to 450 on directories earning $5 daily is low, this is just my opinion, this means 5$ for 30 days is already 150$ a month.


New Member
Depending on other factors, like how many listings a directory has, I think it's a bit low also. In the US you can expect to pay about 6-18 times the monthly profit. You can find some better deals or course, but I don't think it's too easy to do that.

Also, any site that is earning that much just on directory registrations or selling scripts or templates would be worth even more if the owner should add AdSense or something like it. The ads allow you to make some money from all the people that visit the site and will then leave without buying anything. If you have ads then some will click on what interests them and you make a little money...



I have several sites with/without hosting,check my profile etc,and i can supply scripts to install which you can set up selling scripts etc i.e scripts-n-sites.com

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