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Nameslot Team.

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Active Member
Okay peter your are also selected will allocate you your positions and let you know in 3 or 4 hours.


New Member
Thank you for this fine position, I had no idea that I'd be getting such a glamorous one.  This is already becoming a humbling experience.

Welcome to all the newly called Moderators for their positions as the various moderators.  Let's all work together and get along, and get to know each other well to help this forum here grow, and to help us all learn more about domain names.  

I am online each day many long hours a day, as I am home almost all the time.  I post on many forums and have been a moderator on several forums as a free volunteer.  I do not feel that I need to state how many hours I am online, nor do I need to state which forums I was and am now a moderator, nor will I mention which forums I am a member of as that is not necessary. I have also been a leader in two organizations as a volunteer in the past. What you need to know is that I am an honest person, and I do not put up with rule breaking on any forum by anyone. We need to be polite here to all members and not have any personal attacks.

People there is no reason to wish you had a job you do not have or that was not given to you here.  There will be plenty for all of you moderators to do.  You will share in the responsibilities that there are here, that the owner of this forum has given to you and that he directs us to do.

All moderators please again go read the guidelines/rules of this forum that the owner of this forum has for us here and make sure that all of your posts and threads go along with those rules. Any moderators need to be fine examples to the rest of the members here, as well as any guests or future members here. To do that, we will need everyone's cooperation and everyone of us needs to go along with the rules of this forum.

Thank you in advance.


New Member
Hi Nameslot. Seems like you've just about filled all of the jobs. Just wondering, which positions are left(if any) for moderators.


Active Member
The sniper and tournament positions are left. Just one position left right now.

Are you interested?


Active Member
And you are in. Right now you will be incrage of the tournaments and contests that go on here. You can also post your domain threads here.

I will assign you the position in an hour or two. Right now I am in middle of installing some new hacks and backups.


New Member
Just a note of advice, Nameslot, I have noticed that you have actually have moderators who have 1 post, last logged in in December, or 3 posts, and not doing any work at all.

Shouldnt the ClearUp mod be doing all these too?

It is a waste of resources giving jobs to inactive people. There are so many people out there who are waiting for a chance to be a moderator, and are willing to be more active than people with 1 post.

This advice should be taken seriously.

Also, may I have moderator permissions on the Tournament board? I have many things to say in that Locked topic of yours and I cant open it.


Active Member
PM on its way. It will clear the things up.

And people who want to be a moderator in place of that single post moderators might suggest this on our Suggestions thread started here by DomainCat.


Active Member
Dear CopyLuck You are in. We needed some more marketing persons here for bringing n more users.

I have myself found some sponsers who are willing to give free domains, hosting and scripts to our winners.

Your PM is on its way.


New Member
I'm sorry but I have to resign my position as moderator. I've got too many things to do and not enough time to do it in. I do appreciate the decision you've made as choicing me as one of your moderator and at the same time I appologize for my action. But for me holding a moderator position and not being here all the time is inappropriate so therefore I've made my decision.

I thank you all for all the good times even though so short. I'll be around as a member.



Active Member
Its is due to the reason that your request was just out of the way.
I promised you that I will host all your websites for free. You told me that you will need 5GB space. I agreed. As you were a moderator here, I decided to have you on my 20GB server. But then your domain is for hosting company. You also tell me that you would need a hosting reseller panel. Why would you need that?
I am providing you the space for free and you cn't resell it.
If you are a reseller yourself then why would you need a hosting package from me?

I don't know what is going on. I tried to be helpful and am still being helpful to my members here.

Hope you understand. Thanks.


Active Member
This is not a support thread Fischer.

Right now If you are asking me to reg some domains then it will take some time.

Desgins are not ready. Scripts are making probs for that new project.

I am being bombarded with PM's

So please use the suggetion thread here.



I would like to apply i'm good with communities and like to help people out. I have free time and i have experience. And im just a really nice person.
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