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Hello we need some member to come forward and be a moderator here. We will be selecting 25 moderators. And then giving them each a forum to moderate.

If you have experience in moderating any forum then also let us know. He or she will be made a supermoderator if having experience.

Thanks PM Nameslot for applying.


New Member
Have been a moderator on two forums, and co-admin on two forums in the past.  I post on forums each day and am in a lot of domain name forums already.  I have a long list of domain names and have been doing domain names for around three years now.  For any more details, just ask me.

As far as which subjects here to moderate, would be willing to moderate any topic having to do with domain name parking as well as any general topic areas. Have experience editing posts and watching for inappropriate language.

Would even be willing to try being a Super Moderator. Would like to also apply for the clean-up moderator positions.


New Member
I've been moderating for Mike Chen and Mike Filsaime from the start and still continue, as well as being a member of many different forums. I've set myself besides some of the best in Marketing and Advertising World from experts such as Mark Joyner, Jay Abraham, Chris Rohn and my SEO expert friend Brad Fallon. Oh and my man, Mr.Joe Vitale.

Just set the guidelines and lets see whats in store for 2006.

Thanks for having me.



Active Member
Yes dear Buzzboss you are selected please post on that thread.

And also please activate your avatar.

I have alloted one to you.


New Member
Yes we are right now currently trying to replace non-active moderators.
Please submit a form using the other thread.
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