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Introducing Klaas Koopman

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Klaas Koopman

New Member
Goodday Everyone,

My name is Klaas Koopman, and I am a Web Interface Designer & Projects Developer from the Netherlands.

I love to work at new projects, or spend money on good projects! Though time doesn't allow me to, therefor you will notice me selling a lot coming 2 months!

I currently run my own business over at www.koopmanmedia.com.
I also run www.webmasterspalace.com!

If you want to know more, please let me know!

Klaas Koopman

New Member
amitpatel_3001 said:
Welcome to the forum.
Hope to have Good Business Deals with you. :)
Thank you for welcoming me. I hope to have good business deals with you aswell, anything I can help you with? If so PM me please. Thank you :)


New Member
Hello Klaas, it is VERY good to have you here with us! I can already tell you will be able to make some very nice contributions here to this nice forum. I hope you will enjoy your site here with us and get to know all of us better.

Klaas Koopman

New Member
Thank you two for welcoming me. Peter Phillips sounds like a dutch name ( Peter does, got a cousin who'se name is Peter ) And philips from the light ;)

Anyway, why are there so many mods on this board and so little member activity? Let's change that!!! ( lol used to be the guy who made forums busy :p )

Klaas Koopman

New Member
I haven't seen anyone spamming, and why are you a bad mod? I think you are doing just fine ( and I know what i'm talking about ) I don't like advertising sites without knowing if I get money or not! so not going to participate in the contest, sorry!


Active Member
amitpatel_3001 said:
One more thing there is a contest running which u can see in my SIG where you can win 10$. :)
Good Luck
This is called totally self promotion. Now why are you doing this.

You are allowed to advertise in your sig. Isn't that enough?

Plus according to guidelines the affiliate links are not allowed. You must read the guidelines first.


New Member
Iam not doing self promotion.
Iam telling others about this contest.
You can check the link too.
Iam trying to tell everyone so more members join us. :)
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