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Hello All!

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New Member
Hello all!

My name is Fischer, although it is not my real name, I am pretty knowned much with that name.

I own many domain names, and have participated in many domain forums, and as I have told Nameslot, I have posted over thousands of threads and replies.

You can be sure of quality advice when you ask of me.


PS: feel free to PM me. I am always open to the community


Active Member
Welcome aboard Fischer. Thanks for dropping by. Would like to see some aggresive posting from you.

I know you have a vast experience in this feild. All users here are polie and helpful to each other. You will definately like this place and to be here.

Looking forward for your participation and dedication towards our community.


New Member
Welcome Fischer to the Community of Nameslot. :)

BTW i have got a doubt-
How did u get that much cash.
Though i have many posts iam too far from you.
If they have come by default then iam at Loss :(


New Member
Thanks people.

amitpatel_3001 - if you ask me that, I have no answer to give because I have no idea.
Ask our admin. ;)
Not open for further replies.

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