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.EU Announces Web Awards Open for Submission


New Member
[font='PT Serif', arial, sans-serif]EURid’s annual “web awards” are now option for nominations. 

[font='PT Serif', arial, sans-serif]The 2016 event will be the 3rd year that EURid runs the awards which are aimed at helping to raise the profile of European businesses and organisations that are actively using a .eu web address.

[font='PT Serif', arial, sans-serif]The categories this year are:[/font]
  • The Leaders: The website represents an established national business that is currently in operation and possesses multiple years of industry experience, more than 10 employees and a stable yet growing customer base.
  • The Rising Stars: The website represents a start-up company that is in a process of development and finding its niche in the marketplace in addition to having no more than 3 years of industry experience and less than 10 employees.
  • The Laurels: The website represents an institution such as a school, a training program, a charitable organisations, etc., that promotes ongoing education/pan European projects.
  • The House of .eu: The website, or blog, represents companies or private persons in the news, media or entertainment industry such as news portals, advertisement agencies, etc.
  • The Better World: The website encourages green initiatives and diffuses ecological information with regards to environmental protection as well as the promotion of green projects and environmentally-friendly businesses.
[font='PT Serif', arial, sans-serif]Nominations are open from 2 May 2016 (12:00 PM CEST) until 2 September 2016 (11:59:59 PM CEST).[/font]
Good contest for anyone that owns and operates any .EU websites. Should provide exposure for your business, brand, and website. A video that explains the contest. [font=Roboto, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]s://youtu.be/30EJN9YkTs0[/font]
[font=Roboto, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]https://youtu.be/30EJN9YkTs0[/font][/SIZE]

You can enter here - http://webawards.eurid.eu/

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