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EEA.net 11k USD


New Member

Looking for solid offers on the name. Officially it has been sold 3 times, most recently for $5K (not an end-user). However, I have received offers up to $11K since I owned it.

Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 1.35.41 PM.png

Let's start the bidding at $5K.


The reason why this name is popular because it has 2 of the most common vowels and there are a ton of organizations using these letters. There are also many acronyms for EEA including:

European Economic Area
European Environment Agency
European Economic Association
Epson Electronics America (San Jose, CA)
Einheitliche Europäische Akte (German: Single European Act)
Environmental Education and Awareness
Électronique-Électrotechnique-Automatique (French: Electronic-Electrical-Automatic)
Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (Massachusetts)
Employment Equity Act (Canada)
Expanded Endonasal Approach (neurosurgery)
Ethylene ethyl acrylate
Energy and Environmental Analysis
Een En Ander (Dutch)
Erick van Egeraat Associated Architects
Economic Espionage Act of 1996
European Express Association (Brussels, Belgium)
European Engine Alliance (Italy)
Ethiopian Economic Association
Enterprise Email Archiving (software)
European Evangelical Alliance
Egyptian Electricity Authority
Extended Euclidean Algorithm
Environment of Evolutionary Adaptation (psychology)
Extended Enterprise Applications
End to End Anastomosis
Environmental Executive Agent (US DoD)
Eurus Energy America (San Diego, CA)
École Européenne d'Acupuncture (French: European School of Acupuncture)
Entourage Email Archive (Microsoft)
Employment Equality Agency
Essential Elements of Analysis
Electromagnetic Energy Association
Environmental Effect Analysis
Electronic Engineering Association
Energy and Environmental Analysts, Inc. (est. 1979; New York)
Ecuatoriana de Aviacion, Ecuador (ICAO code)
Efficiency of Electrical Activity
Electrical and Electronic Apparatuses
Ellen's Energy Adventure (Walt Disney World Resort; Epcot Theme Park; Florida)
Earth Environment Agency
Electronic Enclosure Assembly
Enid Education Association
Estimated Expenditure of Ammunition
Energy Engineering Associates, Inc. (Austin, TX)
Empire Earth Archive (fansite for Empire Earth game)
Efficient Energy Advisors (South Carolina)

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