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New Member
No proof of traffic stats cos i changed hosting :(
1 proof is there see the Alexa Rank.
And for Adsense revenus iam ready to show but my total amount can be seen cos i dont have channels and its [EDITED please do not mention how much you have earned at Google Ad Sense, as it's against the policy at Google Ad Sense and could result in a loss of an account.] last month.
Interested to see Reply now.[EDITED][Please do not send a screenshot of Adsense, that could put your account in jeopardy).


New Member
Some more details :

Backlinks as per
MSN Links - 2763
Yahoo Links - 1050
These are the Future Rank Chances -
Rank_1:1:4 Rank_1:1:4 Rank_1:1:7 Rank_1:1:4 Rank_1:1:3 Rank_1:1:5 Rank_1:1:4 Rank_1:1:3 Rank_1:1:3 Rank_1:1:3 Rank_1:1:3 Rank_1:1:3 Rank_1:1:2 Rank_1:1:3 Rank_1:1:5
So i se that with a PR7 backlink i expect a minimum of PR5 :)

Klaas Koopman

New Member
Hmm i'll have to come back to you for this one, cause i'm perhaps willing to buy it for a client ( who is looking for a domain which makes money already )

Thank you for your time, I appreciate it!


New Member
I think you didnt read the Update of TOS of Google.
You can Tell your Google Payout to anyone except CTR,eCPM.

Also simple Logic - Domains are nowadays sold at 8-10 times of Adsense Revenue per month.So,this means the Seller Lists his Adsense Revenue there and this is not against TOS.


New Member
Amipatel, I didn't read any update on their rules. I just read and heard for a long while how people weren't supposed to have their amounts out in public. I'm not in Google anymore, I am now in Yahoo instead.
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