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Dot Com for free

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New Member
Here is how to get a .com domain name for free.

Just dial in this number and say to them which name you want to register and for what also give them the details for registrations like your name and address.

1-866-814-4080 TOLL FREE

It is toll free number and they are giving it for free so please don't ask for more then one name otherwise they may cancel your account if it already with them or deny the services.


New Member
Hi Keral iam from India.
I think i cannot access that number.
So,how can i get it.

Also one more doubt how can they give them 4 free ?


New Member
This is interesting and yet seems a bit risky or hard to believe to me. When something sounds too good to be true, as the saying goes, it usually is too good to be true.

Could you let us know what company there is, why they are doing this is it to gain more members for some promotion? Doesn't the domain name cost them something? Does one have to keep it there, or can it later be transferred out to another domain register? I wonder if they'd later charge a high fee for the domain name renewal for the next year. And I also wonder if they'd order the domain name for you, or put it in their own name instead.


New Member
I suggest not to take them from any Unrated company cos this may bring some other troubles to us.
May be more price on renewal
Ad supported
Hosting should be taken from them

Better buy a domain from a reputed company only even though it costs more.


Active Member
I have a doubt and that is that they are a gorup of domaner like us. They have funds for this kind of things and they will take domain back when it has PR and backlinks.

Just my opinion.


Active Member
I have a heap of .be's right now.

All are in 10 - 10 packs. Means I regged 10 names in one account.

So If someone want some .be's then please PM me I will give it to them.

I don't even know how many I have got exactly. But just threw in with a dictionary when they were giving it for free.

Other plannings are to redirect them to this forum. So atleast we will get 10 ro 20 users per month from them.


New Member
10 .be's would be worth it if you are selling in packs.
Try selling like "Buy 5 domains and get 5 domains free." Since you bought them for free, why not sell them?
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