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Domain Service Calling

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New Member
Yesterday I received a call from some unknown domain registry reminder type of service, yes on the telephone. An unknown voice, a different accent. They had the url of a domain that I owned way over a year ago and no longer have owned for quite some time. I told them I no longer even own that domain and why were they calling about it. They asked if I was so and so and I am like yes, and then they said do you have any active domain names. I said yes, but I am happy where I have the domains registered. I told them why are you calling, I renew the domains at the same place I order them when I want to and do not need to be reminded to renew domains. I told them I do not think you are supposed to be calling people. I asked them where they were from and they didn't answer so we just hung up.


Yeah this kind of things happen. People want more and more business. For themselves.
Not open for further replies.

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