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Do you like PHP?

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New Member
Hello everyone,

After seeing this forum and its layout I inquired with admin about it. He told me that he developed the mods by himself and knows PHP well.

I myself don't know much about PHP. I know it is hot favorite all around. But I have heard that it is tought ot learn.

Please guide me. Thanks.


New Member
You can read books on PHP and learn it yourself. It isn't that hard a language as much you think it will be. You can also find some great articles at http://www.phpfreaks.com
There are code snippets and tutorials for newbies out there.


New Member
I'm still in the process of learning to code PHP myself. I can understand and code tiny scripts, but I've yet to code large projects.


Active Member
PHP & MySQL are my favorite ones. If some user here on nameslot wants some help then let me know.


Active Member
Just send me the queries about your problems. I will help you out.

Nowadays I have started one new campaign. I am building readymade scripts and that also each in 30 minutes.

So in 30 days we will have more then 1000 products over here on nameslot.com and that also for free for our members.


New Member
PHP is excellent. Given a choice between JSP, ASP and PHP, PHP would be my first choice.

It's fairly easy to learn and it works quite well on *nix and Windows servers. And most forum software use php such as phpBB, myBB, vB, IPB and SMF.


New Member
Learning PHP isnt that hard, but it takes time.

If you want to learn PHP, contact me via PM.

If Nameslot should ever read this:
I am a PHP programmer ;) That is a very big clue :D


New Member
I think PHP is more friendly for a learner than Perl, although I like both for different reasons. It is well worth learning PHP however, it is very flexible and very useful for creating dynamic web sites.
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