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company wants domain back

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New Member
I won an auction at POOL.COM for a backordered domain it was a
generic single word .CA (canadian) domain

I just recieved a call from the origional owners stating that they wish to have the domain back and either purchase it back fom me foe $100CDN funds or they plan to file a claim with CIRA (canadian domain assoc)to get it back - thier excuse is that it expired in error !!!!

I have heard that before!!!!

The domain has been developed and the company has bussiness cards/leterhead/etc so they have a concern to get it back - and the domain name is generic so I cannot see any issues with me owning the domain, they even asked if I can set the DNS for them till we come to an agreement

anyways my question is this - I paid 120usd to acuire the domain - what would be a fair price to ask for the domain



Ask 10,000 Canadian dollars and if they deny then let me know I have many options for fools like this who forget to renew the domain.

Never even think that you have done something wrong. It was expired and you got it legally by paying the real money. And that is not theft. Your case is 100% positive. No one can do nothing to you. Tell them this and also tell them that you are looking for 25000 so it will hit them that this is forreal and you are not joking. You will get atleast 10000 out of them.



New Member
This is very interesting to me, a domain name expired because they did not renew the registration. Believe me I know, the domain registration people send MANY kind reminders letting you know (at least the ones I have do), that your domain name such and such is soon to expire and to please renew it by whatever date. If you have several domains, they keep sending you notice after notice repeatedly every few days and so if someone did want the domain, they could most easily gain it that way before it expired. THEN, when it does expire, the person is allowed 90 days to renew it and grab it back BEFORE it goes up for sale. So why did they not renew it? Did they not see their email? Did they not keep track of the dates and domain names that they have?

In this instance, there is a site and they have business cards and want to keep the domain name. Actually by not renewing it after all of those warnings, they let the domain name go up for sale just like if they had a house and they put it up for sale. Once sold, it is gone.

Perhaps tell them that you bought the domain name and tell them that you had plans for it, whatever plans you have for the domain name are your business. If they want to purchase the domain name from you, fine, then you will have the domain name appraised by an expert and will send them the domain name appraisal and THEN you will come up with a price. Do not say that you want 10 grand or 20 grand. Wait for the appraisal perhaps it is worth even more. But do not be too greedy, as they may not have the funds to purchase the domain if you set too high of a price. They could easily come up with another name and make up another site and have their business cards and stationery re-done a lot cheaper than pay thousands for the domain name.


New Member
on a sidenote: often they are not aware of warnings no matter how many are sent, these can go to deleted or lapsed or third party email addresses.
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