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.co.uk Vs us domain


New Member
I too go with .US this is the best extension you can have next to .com in all terms it easy and simple too.


New Member
.us will be a good idea, but if possible go with .com that will be internationally suitable and a better extension.


New Member

If you target the website in UK, then go for .co.uk
If you planned to target the website in us then go for .us.


New Member
The .com version of a domain name is aimed at international rather than specifically US companies or commercial organisations. A .co.uk domain name suggests a UK-based operation although there is no practical restriction on who can buy a .co.uk domain. So how do you decide which to register or whether to register both?

Cost is no big issue as .co.uk domains cost just £9.99 each and with the .com version at £19.99 it hardly breaks the bank. So for under £30 you can have both versions.

.com can suggest more substance and more prestige than a simple .co.uk. There is a suspicion that some of the top US and international search engines and internet directories are more sympathetic to including .com domains than others and may also rank them more highly than other types of domain. On the other hand some specifically UK search engines and directories do prefer .co.uk names for inclusion in their lists so a .com may not get you the best possible ranking in the UK.

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New Member
It depend from where your targeted audience will come on website, if your business is located on United State than .us is good and if you located on United Kingdom than .co.uk is best for your website. If you want to check your desired .us and .co.uk domain name availability on G-talk than add domain@ineedname.com on G-talk id.


New Member
Both us and uk domain extensions are good only, based on your requirements and in which area you have plan to improve your business, then go through it. In my opinion .com is the best while compare to all.


New Member
To me, .co.uk domains are more for commercial business and .us domains are a great domain to use as a domain hack and for geo domains.

If I had to pick though between the two in value, I would choose the .co.uk domain over the .us because you can liquidize .co.uk better, depending on the keyword


New Member
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