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Beware of Notices Arriving in the Mail on Domain Renewals

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New Member
This is probably obvious, but I'm going to post it here anyways just in case someone new may not know this and get scammed out big time.

If you ever receive a notice in the mail telling you that your domain name needs to be renewed, what it's expiration date is, requests a reply request date, and offers other similar domains to yours (like if yours is a .com, the .net and .org are perhaps also available for a price to order from this place in the mail). This is a scam big time, at least the few I received in the mail from Liberty Names of America. I already have domain names and I know where I have them and I know I do not have any domains over at that place period! Yet I get this notice in the mail just today from them saying I can renew my domain name for only $25.00 US (normally it's around $8.95 to renew it where I have it). And gee if I want to get two similar domain names like it, I can get two years for only $40 which they claim is a $10 savings.

This should be against some domain name law or something. What do you think?


WOW. Thanks domaincat for the headsup.

I will remember this one. I hate scammers.
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