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Article Script.

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Active Member
Dear Users,

We again feel proud to announce a new competition for best article and infomation posting here on nameslot.com (Please No SPAM or Copy from other sources).

You will get a full featured article script with some ready made articles in it.

For a demo see here:- http://article.hostidol.com/

Hope you will enjoy this.


New Member
Just a clarification to other users:

We prefer a diversity of topics. Any kind of webmaster works / domain industry related will be accepted. If you have seen an article that has been submitted and you had wanted to do an article on the same topic, please try another topic.

This way, not only do we keep our articles diversified, but prevents others from copying ideas from each other. This would give an unfair advantage to those who write their articles later than others.

As I am the official moderator of tournaments and contests, I will see to it personally that this is enforced and reinforced.

Remember, NO SPAM and NO Plagarism. (Copying from other sources)


Active Member
The Article contest has been completed.

Nekz has won the Domain name and so it was upto me to decide who will be the winner of this script. And its ReSale rights.

And seeing the effort that our Super-Moderator has put in. I am giving this to her.

DomainCat you are entitled for this. So the licenced Script and its Resale rights are coming to you.

You have the master resale rights so you can sell this to anyone and even sell its resale licence.


New Member
Thank you, Nameslot, this is truly good news to see that I actually won this contest. I already have a domain name for this, ArticlesEarth.com, and will have a friend of mine put the script on his hosting. I had been looking for an article script for this same purpose. Thank you very much!!
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