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Announcing Global Internet Index - A One time Place to get Listed

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New Member
This is not the Grand announcement of the Global Internet Index because i will announce it again after the page rank update
This is the only directory which i have promoted a lot and i have got it listed in almost all the top web directories.
If you think if i have not listed it in any top webdirectory please suggest it and i will get it listed there too.

Statistics of the web Resource :
A phplinkdirectory based script web directory
Categories Manually added
Adding authority websites regularly
Couple of PR8 and PR7 Links subscriptions and i guess tons of links purchased which are on monthly subscriptions and Permanent basis, got it linked from all my directories network too.

Current Backlink status:
Google : 685 Backlinks
MSN : 17589 Backlinks
Yahoo : 13115 Backlinks

Current Indexing Status:
Google : 1150 Pages Indexed
Yahoo : 106 Pages Indexed
MSN : 5506 Pages Indexed

Page Strength:
Current page strength of this web Resource is 2.5

Script + Footer Link Removal + Template Link Removal : 105$
Links Purchased till now : 2550$ [which is till date and many listings are on monthly subscriptions so this is going to be a huge investment and i want to reinvest everything i get via Listing]

Still the promotion of the directory is going on and Couple of Original Articles also submitted, which can also be found via the backlinks in a couple of days which also includes the Press Release.

Template and Design:
Design is a free template used because i searched a lot and didnt get a good template which would make people say 'wow' ;) so i think is the directory is strong thats enough and design can be changed anytime.

Listing Fees:
We have decided to keep the Listing Fees at :
Featured links $50
Regular links $25
Regular links with reciprocal $20
and each listing will be reviewed and moved to the most relevant category.

Categories and Submission Criteria:
The categories are not the normal categories found but is a collection of niche categories.If you dont find any category let me know and it will be added up instantly.

No Top Level Links are allowed and your listing will be automatically moved to the most relevant category with a couple more authority websites if available.

Add a Quality Title and description which is original and not just a 4-5 word description.Non Quality Websites will not be listed and will be rejected and Listing fees will be refunded back.

All the funds recieved will be invested back in promotion of the webdirectory by buying links smartly[as told by a good friend - Dont buy links from everywhere just buy links smartly and i dont want to explain the way he told me to buy links but in short buy links which can help your website]

Suggestions and Feedback:
Iam waiting for your submissions to this web Resource and everyones suggestions except the design because i too hate it :eek: and will get something done when i get time.


Submit Your Websites to the Global Internet Index Now
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