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4Him.xyz in auction on sav.com


New Member
New domain created 27.01.2022 and expires 27.01.2023

Domain potential:
Can be used for clothes and generally overall outfit as well as overall style and fashion for males.
It aims to address specific audience and move toward offering gender targeted products.

It could be also developed as form of gift shop where it can be found everything for targeted gender.

Another option that I have in portfolio is AboutHim.xyz
About is one of the strongest and most used and mind/eye capturing words that can be used to Triger interest and desire to explore further more.
Up mentioned one can have much wider usage and aspect. From specialized store, style, fashion ,targeted and influencing content that attacks directly male side of fashion, lifestyle.
Protentional it can be used for Fashion magazine and can be Branded.
Com has been sold for around 2.000 Usd and there is still nothing been built on it.

Why this one?
It uses some form of personalization, desire invoking and curiosity, click baiting techniques to grab attention of seeker.
One of the most famous examples is AboutYou.com which has became one huge brand specialized in clothing and similar products.
It functions as online store.
Anyways this one is on demeaned and can be found on Afternic or Sedo.com

Registrar: Sav.com
Expires 27.01.2023

No reserve!

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