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1200+ uniques PM TimeTeen.com arcade 1021 games

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TimeTeen.com is a flash games site. People can visit the site and play 1021 flash games for free.
  • The domain name [] is registered @ Namecheap
  • Site age: 4 months
  • A good revenue generator. No work required. Site is HTML with a small amount of easily understandable PHP.
  • 1021 flash games.
  • Contact Us script (All info in form is sent to an email address). Script is already integrated.
  • The design is from andreasviklund.com.
  • The PHP is a modified version of the coding used by swed.us (inactive) and liquidcoke.net.
  • HTML + PHP. The site will work fine on even the most basic host.

Starting price: $200

Are the games categorised?
The games are sorted alphabetically (A-Z) by their filename (which you can change if you wish).
Do you have permission to use all 1021 of the games?
Yes. They are from site such as Miniclip and Freeonlinegames which allow webmasters to use their games free of charge.


Well I visited the site and the site was looking blank. Is there some problem going on with it right now?


New Member
Just viewing the site now briefly. It is online, the first page just has a few simple lines of typing (could say heah go to my menu). They have the ad sense ads on the site as well. When I did click a games link on the menu area, it does appear with a list of things to choose from.
nick said:
Well I visited the site and the site was looking blank. Is there some problem going on with it right now?
No problem. Works fine for me. If you are interested then I can take some pics of the site for you.
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