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Recent content by keral

  1. K

    Hello I am spammer

    Hello, We are spammers and are banned from here. Edited by the unknown admin of nameslot.com :tongue: [attachment=33]
  2. K

    FS : Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition..USD$350,

    Double threads merged. Thanks for dropping by. You are banned. :grinning-wink: Posted by Nameslot.
  3. K

    FS : Nokia 8800 Sirocco Edition..USD$350,

    Nelsco Phone Plaza We are legit distributor of mobile phones and TVs like Samsung , Nokia , Sony Ericsson , Qtek and Imate . They are Brand New Sealed and they come with 1year international warranty. We ship via FedEx Express{2days delivery}. Note : If you buy two you will get one for free...
  4. K

    Closed and banned

    FS : Nokia N95 for just $450 Closed. Next time you post something post it related to domain names or the section it is related to. This is a private forum.
  5. K

    Closed and banned

    Stop Spamming the forums with your foolish posts. Account closed. Double threads merged.
  6. K

    Posting contest

    I want free domain.
  7. K

    Excel (Possible and Available) Domain Tool

    i am interested. will it show me how many domains are available which i can register from registrar.
  8. K

    can we trader domains

    Can we trade domain names. i have traded some domain names on other forums. which category can i start a thread for trading the domains. Thanks.
  9. K

    Need developed web sites

    I want to buy some developed websites which are earning $5 per day approximately. I can give you $300 or $450 dollars for it. Good traffic websites. it can be directories, or script selling websites. if script selling websites then you will have to give me that scripts which it is selling and...
  10. K


    Please appraise This http://www.onlytravels.com It is my travels related directory.
  11. K

    Travels directory

    I have one travels directory which I purchased from here. but i want to modify the template in it. If someone can do template work for directories then please conatct me.
  12. K

    Hello friends..

  13. K

    List your directory - Directory owners

    i have http://www.onlytravels.com which i purchased from here only last year.
  14. K

    Travels link exchange

    My travels directory where you can add your url http://www.onlytravels.com it is PR 4 and the inner pages are also PR 4 i also accept paid submission if you don't want to put a link back to my site. for more information check this page http://www.onlytravels.com/submit.php
  15. K

    MyPath.Mobi for sale

    mohan.ankur i am sending you a PM