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Your favourite extension?


New Member
The reason for .com usage is that people are using net for their commercial purpose. This is the main reason why people like to .com.


New Member
There are so many extension available which is very useful for purchase domain. Different country have different domain but .com is one of the best extension. It is really good for all people. It is really good and useful extension.


New Member
Mine? My favorite extensions is always the .net since the letters are very easy to find in the keyboard. That is just my opinion, okay?


New Member
for me .me,.com,.org,.net is always cool because these extension gives more traffice thann other extensions..........


New Member
My favorite extension is .com.Because they have good value in seo and quick flipping in search engines. And i got .com domains at cheap rates from


New Member
I will definitely go with .Com as there is no rocket science to know why I said that as it’s really the most popular one at the moment and also since I am using GoDaddy so there the price are extremely low and something I can easily afford. I am using “30Word” voucher code which gives me massive 30% discount for all products.


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