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Requests Hit 100,000

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New Member
The first day of registering applications for the .eu domain name was a major success with EURid receiving more than 100,000 requests for application. The E.U.-wide registry received 45,000 requests in the first 20 minutes of opening its Web site to applications.

The majority of applications were for national trademarks with more than 70,000 requests, followed by E.U.-wide trademarks at 21,455.

German organizations lodged the highest number of requests for registration with nearly 35,000 applications, followed by France and the Netherlands. U.K-based organizations submitted more than 10,000 applications.


New Member
WOW those are some great figures up there. nice info thanks nekz for sharing it with us. It will certainly improve my General Knowledge.


New Member
This is Just superb Information.
Can you tell me that can i apply for a EU domain name?
If YES whats the registration price & Official website of that.


Active Member
You can apply for eu domains at http://www.eurodns.com

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