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.Pro ICANN Registrar, EnCirca, Offers Special Promotion

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Woburn, Massachusetts - (Cheap Web Hosting Directory) - February 8, 2006 - Leading ICANN registrar for the .pro domain, EnCirca, Inc., has announced a special registry promotion in the .pro domain extension.

.Pro is a top-level domain designed for licensed professionals.

According to the company, EnCirca is offering .pro domains for $49/year exclusively to licensed lawyers, engineers, doctors and accountants. The special pricing is a reduction of 75 percent from the typical $199 annual fee required to secure these domains.

The special registry promotion will expire on March 31, 2006.

Examples of professional service firms who have branded themselves with .pro domain names include: may.cpa.pro, georgia.law.pro and aed.eng.pro. To see more examples, please visit: www.showcase.pro.

According to Tom Barrett, President of EnCirca, '.Pro is a natural and intuitive Internet address for licensed professionals. The .pro extension reinforces the key message most businesspeople would like to send about their business. But still, adopting a new domain extension for an Internet address is not a casual decision for anyone to make. Fortunately, as shown at showcase.pro, many lawyers, engineers, accountants and doctors led the way in 2005 and have already adopted .pro as their permanent brand identity.'

The .pro extension makes it possible for lawyers, engineers, and other professionals to reserve memorable and relevant web addresses and search engine keywords. The .pro extension is available in two types: "profession- specific," such as patent.law.pro and "generic," such as patent.pro. The profession-specific type is exclusive to licensed professionals in law, engineering, accounting and medicine, with more professions expected to be supported in 2006. Possible future professions include: - architects - financial planners - dentists - educators - insurance agents - nurses - optometrists - pharmacists - podiatrists - psychologists - real estate brokers - and veterinarians.

EnCirca also offers generic domains such as investmentfraud.pro for just $99/year. Many professional service firms are registering both types of .pro domains: one for their corporate identity, such as aed.eng.pro, and one to boost search engine rankings, such as advanced.pro.

Mr. Barrett added, 'Search engine rankings from Google and Yahoo! reward domain names that contain keywords being searched. With the .pro domain, these firms can get a memorable web address, like allergy.pro, that will boost their search engine ranking.'

To learn more about EnCirca, please visit: www.encirca.pro.
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