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No .MX, No Chocolate


New Member
No Mexicans, No Chocolate
Thus the people in the world should grateful to
Mexicans and let us do something back to them!

What is so unique about .MX
1Mexico is the fifth largest country in the Americas by total area and the 13th largest independent nation in the world. The country has a population of over 115,296,767according to 2012 census.
2According to Internet World Stats there were 42,000,000 internet users in Mexico (representing 36.9% of the population). Mexico was ranked second largest online market in Latin America with close to 17 million visitors
3For years .MX has been closed and only third level com.MX domains were available. Now .MX domains are available and open to anyone for registration.
4Great opportunity for companies and private persons, who have economical, political or cultural relations with Mexico; thus maximized revenue by targeting local market.
5As at 2012, the number of registered domain name under .MX is more than 648,873.6According to Euromonitor International, "Mexico benefits from a large and growing population, with its proximity to the USA being a major economic asset." They go on to predict that Mexico will become the world's 10th largest economy (in terms of GDP at purchasing power parity) by 2020. With economic expansion comes increased consumer spending, register a .MX domain name now and benefit from this rapidly expanding country.
As we wanted to give our customers the best, therefore during the month of April, all partners can enjoy 50% off on up to 5 years' worth of registration fees for new .MX domain names.

This is a chance once in a Blue moon.So, don't miss this opportunity & grab your .MX at half price. This promotion is valid for a limited period only, so register your .MX domain names NOW! The last date for enrollment for .MX promo is 15 April 2013, 23:59 GMT. Reseller must enroll by this date to participate in the promo.

For more information: http://www.webnic.cc/weeklySpecial/MX_promo/index.html

Not our partner? Please contact us at marcom@webnic.cc to know more about our premium partners program today!


New Member
You share really nice information and offer about Mexicans (.MX) domain best thing in your post now this is open for everyone and perfect suit to all professional, businessmen and Maxican company.

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