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Marketing a Blog

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I have one blog and i don't understand how can i market it. i am new to all this so please give me some advices. i don't get links from others and my PR is also low when i try to exchange links then the others also want good PR so this way i never get links exchanged with other sites. can someone please tell me about blog marketing.


New Member
Blog marketing is not much different from web site marketing.

The simple answer is this:

-You need to have a blog that looks pertty good and have content. If you blog looks junky, then even with good content you may not be treated seriously.

- Good content is the most important thing and having the blog updated often.

- Submit your blog to blog search engines and learn how to "ping" places when you have updated your blog. Blogger blogs have this built in to some extent, so I don't do anything but update and I get some traffic coming in without the submitting and extra pings that I could do.

- Find good things to link to and link to them in your posts. For really good resournces, add the links to your template or a page. Don't worry too much about getting links back at first. Make YOUR site a good resource first.

After that, you can use almost all the same things that are used in web site marketing. Search engine submissions, writing articles, etc.


Active Member
The best thing a blog can do it to get the word out by posting useful material on the blog itself.

You can also visit some pinging service and send pings to other sites whenever your blog is updated.

You can join technorati.com

You can make some webmaster friends here on our board and ask them for a link exchange.

You can provide free tools, lists of top things like top 10 domain resources etc.

You can review other webmasters sites on your blog and get reviewed by them on their blogs.

Other things might be similar to the web site marketing.

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