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Domain Name Community Against ICANN Agreement According to Survey

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Austin, Texas - (Cheap Web Hosting Directory) - February 17, 2006 - DomainNameWire.com has conducted a survey of domain name owners, registrars, and service providers which reveals that only 25% of the domain name community supports a proposed agreement between the International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and VeriSign.

The survey included responses from 582 people in 81 countries.

The agreement, which stems for a disagreement over VeriSign's SiteFinder service introduced in 2003, gives VeriSign control of the .com domain name registry until at least 2012 and allows VeriSign to increase the wholesale price of domain registration by 7% annually.

Andrew Allemann, Editor of DomainNameWire.com commented on the news, ''The survey results are not surprising but certainly tell the story. The domain community doesn't understand the need to raise the registry price of domains above $6.00 for .com domain names. Other domain extensions are experiencing reductions in registry prices.''

The survey question about the agreement was part of the 2006 Domain Name Wire survey covering a number of topics including policies, registration, and domain monetization. Full results of the survey are available at http://www.DomainNameWire.com/Survey.
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