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Dogedomainswap.com uses the Doge blockchain to change the domain name market!!!!


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To bring greater efficiency and process automation into the domain name marketplace, dogedomainswap.com, along with the doge community's enthusiastic supporters, uses the doge blockchain technology to automate previously manual processes, such as transferring domain names from one registrar and registrant to another.

Business challenge

dogedomainswap.com wanted to bring more transparency into the domain name marketplace and make it easier for businesses and individuals to find, buy and transfer domains with flexible domain purchase options.


dogedomainswap.com used doge Blockchain technology to automate domain name processes, such as transferring a name to a new user, and to create new services.


100% increase in processing capacity
through doge blockchain automation, from 100 to 300 User growth per month


Blockchain domains are an exciting development in the decentralized world. They have the power to change the way we think about domains names , and they add a new layer of transparency, functionality, and security.At we see Web3 as a stepping stone to the future of digital ownership and decentralization


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