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Staff member
Nov 26, 2005
Birmingham Alabama
Domaining can be easy to start but even easier to loose money.
Today I will discuss different ways to start building your portfolio and feel free to add more in the post.

When you first start there are a few different ways to do this. You can search deleted domains or have an idea of your passion. I chose both. I buy domains for resell and I also buy domains for development. I usually stick to .com domains and try to stick to two word domains that are normally said and popular and in the correct context.

If you are looking just to build a portfolio do not buy just any domain. Buy domains that will have value in the same way I do they can be longer domains or even category killers if you can afford that. On average my portfolio is anywhere between 4-20 domains that I work with at a given time due to time restraints and renewal fees. Other resources that I have read state that the average domain name in your portfolio sits for 4 years before it’s sold. It takes that much work and effort to build the platform to make it valuable. 4 years of renewal fees and then you may or may not sell it. I suggest buying some decent-good domains and try honing your sales and marketing skills and if you don’t sell them in 1 year you can drop or not renew u less the domain is good and you think you can sell it.
So often, I see a domain name drop picked up by someone else and sold for profit, so take your time when evaluating your domains.


Feb 9, 2020
It is very diffcult to get into the domain industry now a days. With domian prices for renewals going up, not just for ngtlds but also gtlds. If you have the money to invest you will do fine. My suggestion would be to learn the basics, purchase high quality names and sell those first to build rep, income, and exp.
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