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    EEA.net Looking for solid offers on the name. Officially it has been sold 3 times, most recently for $5K (not an end-user). However, I have received offers up to $11K since I owned it. Let's start the bidding at $5K. The reason why this name is popular because it has 2 of the most common...
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    Lliz.com - Pronounceable LLLL.com

    Lliz.com It's Liz with two "L". Super easy to pronounce, remember, and to even say. I am looking for offers above $600 since that's an offer on the table now. The buyer pays fees.
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    HotelsStart.com | Selling names that have previously SOLD or GOT OFFERS

    I no longer have time for Domaining (as of a few years ago). I don’t have time to respond to inquiries, seek out end users, and the like. I have an interesting opportunity for you, I have a set of names that have either previously sold or received offers. All the sales are confirmable with...
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    Premium Domains

    Studio320.com  - 11 years old, used for a web design business. Will include the site and logo as well for a great offer. CloudHG.com   WaaZaa.com  - 12 years old. Memorable and easily brandable. MyLivePages.com  - 6 years old InsideGeek.com  - 5 years old GoSmash.com  - 12...