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  1. K

    Please Remove My iD at this forum..

    Please remove my id at this forum as I no longer want to be a member of this community. i have been a member for quite some years on a lot of communities and almost never had any problems with a member, admin or any other kind of staff. Allthough it seems if I suggest a mod to do something...
  2. K

    PR0 to PR4 Webmaster Link Exchanges!

    PR0 to PR4 Webmaster Link Exchanges! I've got 9 sites, of which one has PR4. The rest has PR0. I am looking to exchange links with webmaster related sites! PM me offers, site are listed in sig and more!
  3. K

    Introducing Klaas Koopman

    Goodday Everyone, My name is Klaas Koopman, and I am a Web Interface Designer & Projects Developer from the Netherlands. I love to work at new projects, or spend money on good projects! Though time doesn't allow me to, therefor you will notice me selling a lot coming 2 months! I...
  4. K

    These used to be PR2 and PR4!

    Hey All, cleaning up my domains: OnlineChatForum.com Expires: 02/04/2006 Registrar: Namecheap EHostzoom.com Expires: 08/03/2006 Registrar: Namecheap EHostzoom.net Expires: 08/03/2006 Registrar: Namecheap 1ToTravel.com Expires: 08/06/2006 Registrar: Namecheap 1ToTravel.net...