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    Domain Service Calling

    Yesterday I received a call from some unknown domain registry reminder type of service, yes on the telephone. An unknown voice, a different accent. They had the url of a domain that I owned way over a year ago and no longer have owned for quite some time. I told them I no longer even own that...
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    ArticlesEarth.com Great domain name for article site! The domain name only without content (hasn't ever been a site, brand new name). Register is Go Daddy - you would need an account, and then domain would be transferred to you with the information given to us ahead of time. Domain...
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    Beware of Notices Arriving in the Mail on Domain Renewals

    This is probably obvious, but I'm going to post it here anyways just in case someone new may not know this and get scammed out big time. If you ever receive a notice in the mail telling you that your domain name needs to be renewed, what it's expiration date is, requests a reply request...
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    SEO Article

    Great SEO article that some of you may enjoy, I hope it gives you some tips and ideas. http://nashville.bizjournals.com/nashville/stories/2003/07/28/smallb4.html?page=1
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    GPay - New Google Payment Processor

    There appears to be a new payment processor, Gpay.com, I just saw the site and read about this on another forum. Could this be a Google site? Could perhaps Google be trying to compete with Pay Pal?
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    Ezilon Directory

    Ezilon has a new site and they have a directory to add your sites to free. Just go to the link and then pick your country and your categories and add your sites for free. http://ezilon.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17
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    Google Offers Beta Tool - Web API's

    Use the Google Developer Web API's kit and explain to me just what this is anyways. It is in Beta now, create a free account. Use your license key for each query. With this Web API, your computer can do the searching for you. http://www.google.com/apis/
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    Hurricane Katrina Domains For Sale

    These are two Hurricane Katrina domains that I have available up for sale here for any reasonable offers. Please send me a PM message. Thank you again. HurricaneKatrinaRelief.biz HurricaneKatrinaVictims.net Both are over at Go Daddy Register and are currently parked.
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    Health Domains For Sale!

    These domains are for sale for a reasonable price - simply send me a PM message with any offers. HerbalSearch.net HerbalSearch.ws ChineseHerbalSearch.net ChineseHerbalSearch.biz ChineseHerbalSearch.com These are over at Go Daddy Register and are currently parked.
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    Yahoo Ad Publisher Network

    Yahoo Ad Publisher Network They just called me on the telephone today, yes the real-live Yahoo to ask me how I liked their Ad Publisher program so far and to see if I had any technical questions. Very friendly person, I told her how much I liked their other Yahoo programs such as their...
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    Selling Domain Names - How Does One Do This?

    Selling A Domain Name - How To Let's start a topic here and discuss how someone with one or more domain names can sell the domain names. Where can we sell them? What's the best approach to sell a domain name? Should we sell them on an online auction? Should we approach a possible buyer...
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    Long List of Domain Names For Sale

    Here's the full list of domain names that I have for sale. Willing to listen to any offers, or to even trade a domain name for a website. Further information may be obtained via PM message. Most are either with Registerfly or GoDaddy. Domain Names only, without content currently...
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    Domain Names only up for sale selling both of these similar names together (if someone would only need one domain, that is fine as well). Health domain, fibroid tumors cause great deal of pain in the uterus. This could be a good domain name for a gynecologist, doctor, clinic, or for a...
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    Non-ProfitCharities.com, biz,

    These domain names are up for sale and are parked for ad revenue on parked sites. Register is Go Daddy, you would need an account if you do not already have one there. They don't get much traffic as they aren't developed sorry. These would be good for any charity or fund raiser, church or...
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    Yahoo Publisher Network

    Yahoo Publisher Network, my site just was approved so I just placed those colorful ads on my site yesterday. Have heard lots of good things about that ad publisher. They are in Beta mode now and only the USA residents can join this at the time being. $100.00 check to receive payout. It was...
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    Complaints Of Other Sites

    This is a topic for Complaints on any site(s) that you feel have wronged you, or that you were ripped off of. If you would like to warn others, do so at your own risk as you are taking full responsibility for your posts. Be sure you are honest and have your details correctly.
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    Suggestions & Feedback for Nameslot.com Forum

    If the members here on this forum have any suggestions or feedback that they would like to suggest to this forum here at Nameslot.com, this is the topic to do this in. Please let us know your suggestions and your feedback both good and bad. Thank you.