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  1. dotgician

    Godaddy purchases Uniregistry

    Actually the way GoDaddy has been advertising is how to become a domainer. Which is bringing new people into the industry and bring domain prices up!
  2. dotgician

    Godaddy purchases Uniregistry

    Yes i absolutely hate godaddy overpriced BS.... I also hated what the owner of Uniregistry was doing with the ngtlds as well. Hes a crook too.
  3. dotgician

    How to Website get instantly index in search engine like Google , yahoo & bing etc?

    It takes time, to get your website on google top pages. I suggestion getting google Search Console import your website, make sure the sitemap is up to date. On your website work with SEO and keywords.
  4. dotgician

    Your favourite extension?

    My favorite .biz cctld = .US .CO ngtld= .life .coffee
  5. dotgician

    ICA: Oppose raised COM prices

    Yeah, I have a feeling we will see a lot of .com domains dropping.
  6. dotgician

    Selling Blesta Billing Platform license Owned Unbranded

    I am currently selling my Selling Blesta Billing Platform license Owned Unbranded It is transferable I bought it for $300 Support and updates valid till May 30, 2020 But you can join their discord and have lifetime support! BIN: $150 obo
  7. dotgician

    Hey guys

    Hey guys, I am a webmaster, gamer, and domainer, Looking to enjoy a new atmosphere cant wait to see this place grow!
  8. dotgician

    2020 domain parking

    First time really ever parking and the domain came from a client. So they owned a business, and didn't want to pay for the fees, so i put it on bodis. In about 2 1/2 months Ive made $12 you cant beat that... honestly.
  9. dotgician

    Build a portfolio or start small

    It is very diffcult to get into the domain industry now a days. With domian prices for renewals going up, not just for ngtlds but also gtlds. If you have the money to invest you will do fine. My suggestion would be to learn the basics, purchase high quality names and sell those first to build...
  10. dotgician

    RealChristmas()Com is for sale

    I am selling RealChristmas()com Reg: Godaddy BIN $100