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    NRO warns the world is running out of internet addresses

    The Number Resource Organization (NRO), the coordinating group that oversees the allocation of Internet number resources around the world, announced today that less than 10 percent of available IPv4 addresses remain unallocated. The group is warning that with so few IPv4 addresses remaining...
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    Unallocated IPv4 Internet Addresses Soon To Be Consumed

    The available pool of unallocated Internet addresses using the older IPv4 protocol has now dipped below the 10% mark. There are now just 24 address blocks (each block is about 16-million IP addresses) that ICANN has not yet allocated to the Regional Internet Registries around the world. ICANN...
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    China's Baidu sues U.S. domain registrar after hack

    Top Chinese search engine Baidu.com has sued its U.S. domain registrar over a hack that took down the Web site, alleging negligence by the U.S. company, Baidu said Wednesday. Users had trouble accessing Baidu.com for several hours last week after the company's domain name server in the U.S...
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    Cheap .com wanted

    I am looking for some cheap .com domain names that you might have and are not interested in renewing them or keeping them any longer. would pay upto 20 dollars for the right domains.
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    Individuals permitted to have domain names

    Individuals in China may now be permitted to obtain domain names, according to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), which is drafting the new regulation, www.chinanews.cn reported. In a move seen as a relaxation of current internet regulation, the news released by CNNIC on...
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    Forbes Wins Domain Name Lawsuit Against Russian Travel Agency

    Forbes magazine won by court action the right for forbes.ru domain name. The magazine may now receive a record large compensation for the violation of trademark rights on the internet. The compensation can be the largest in Russia’s judicial practice, The Vedomosti newspaper wrote. Moscow...
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    Marketing a Blog

    I have one blog and i don't understand how can i market it. i am new to all this so please give me some advices. i don't get links from others and my PR is also low when i try to exchange links then the others also want good PR so this way i never get links exchanged with other sites. can...
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    any recommendations

    do you have some programs that are working good now. i have read and read all the things here on nameslot and i have come to know that i should take a good domain name and make a good site etc. so i was thinking if some good program is there then i can choose my domain name according to it.
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    Howtoselladomain.info - Appraisals

    Hello NS members. I have made one blog and taken some articles from here and also linked back to the forums. giving proper credits to the article writers. my blog is it is registered at namecheap and expiry date is 8th august. does not have any pagerank right now. thanks to admin for...
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    purchasing adsense sites

    I am looking to purchase adsense monetized websites. right now my earnings from it is average so to boost it by some $$$'s i am in need of adsense websites, content based which are earning $2 to $5 per day. i don't have any budget fixed in my mind right now but i can let you know once i see the...
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    Importance of forum signatures

    I have heard that forum signatures helps in SEO for the sites, by getting backlinks from the forums. How true it is? can a site be optimized by forum signature links alone? How many forum signatures would be needed to get good pagerank and traffic.
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    How to make profits from expired domain registration

    After the dot com crash, expired domain names and expired domain name traffic have been a source of potential income. It is important to inexpensively obtain the automated tools required to track the thousands of domain name registration and abandoned websites that are removed from the domain...
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    Free web hosting - No Ads

    i have been using this free hosting from sometime. thought would mention it here. http://www.zeeblo.com Offers free web hosting with cPanel and without ads.
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    Is .com something special

    Is the .com TLD something special. because whenever i see the domain appraisal and other sites i am finding more and more .com domains. if other domains are not so good then why is the .com domain name so much better then the others.
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    How to transfer domain

    i have registered a domain name from one hosting company which gave me a free domain name with their hosting plans. now i want to transfer the domain name to another registrar as i am not going to use that web hosting provider in future. so how can i transfer my domain name from that...
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    view supplemental results in google

    to view all the supplemental results in google for your site or a given site. try this one without the quotes "site:sitename.com *** -view" it will show you all your supplemental pages in google's index.
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    domain name situtation here

    i have a very bad situation here. i registered a domain name of one company and as they didn't had paypal and didn't wanted to use their credit card for this purposes they told me they will give me cash and i can register their domain and put it in my account and point it to the hosting...
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    amazon affiliate program

    i have seen amazon affiliate program. they give the aStore readymade. but what is the point of getting aStore if everyone has the same kind of aStore and they are also showing products from amazon. Will putting amazon on my sites be considered as duplicate content from the amazon site? how to...
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    where can i learn php?

    i am hearing more and more stories and reading more posts everyday about php. the scripts that i have right now on the sites are also in php. but i don't know how to even move the banner. i have to pay $5 or $10 for that things also. so if someone could point me to the right way to learn atleast...
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    what is datafeed?

    what is affiliate program datafeed? i have recently signed up on shareasale and CJ.com by reading some threads in this section of the forum. but i am confused that how can i get datafeeds and if i get datafeeds then what should i do with the datafeeds. one thing i can understand is that they...