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    benefits of seo?

    Nowadays adding good content is best for SEO. You can write blog posts and write relevant articles for it too.
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    site for Sale at $20,002,830

    Sold for $1 if you can redesign whole site according to my designers instructions. Payment via escrow only. The paper work will cost around $150 so deduct my 1 dollar and you can send me 149 dollar + your site.
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    NRO warns the world is running out of internet addresses

    The Number Resource Organization (NRO), the coordinating group that oversees the allocation of Internet number resources around the world, announced today that less than 10 percent of available IPv4 addresses remain unallocated. The group is warning that with so few IPv4 addresses remaining...
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    Unallocated IPv4 Internet Addresses Soon To Be Consumed

    The available pool of unallocated Internet addresses using the older IPv4 protocol has now dipped below the 10% mark. There are now just 24 address blocks (each block is about 16-million IP addresses) that ICANN has not yet allocated to the Regional Internet Registries around the world. ICANN...
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    China's Baidu sues U.S. domain registrar after hack

    Top Chinese search engine Baidu.com has sued its U.S. domain registrar over a hack that took down the Web site, alleging negligence by the U.S. company, Baidu said Wednesday. Users had trouble accessing Baidu.com for several hours last week after the company's domain name server in the U.S...
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    Cheap .com wanted

    I am looking for some cheap .com domain names that you might have and are not interested in renewing them or keeping them any longer. would pay upto 20 dollars for the right domains.
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    Individuals permitted to have domain names

    Individuals in China may now be permitted to obtain domain names, according to China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), which is drafting the new regulation, www.chinanews.cn reported. In a move seen as a relaxation of current internet regulation, the news released by CNNIC on...
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    Forbes Wins Domain Name Lawsuit Against Russian Travel Agency

    Forbes magazine won by court action the right for forbes.ru domain name. The magazine may now receive a record large compensation for the violation of trademark rights on the internet. The compensation can be the largest in Russia’s judicial practice, The Vedomosti newspaper wrote. Moscow...
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    Marketing a Blog

    I have one blog and i don't understand how can i market it. i am new to all this so please give me some advices. i don't get links from others and my PR is also low when i try to exchange links then the others also want good PR so this way i never get links exchanged with other sites. can...
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    Anyone using linkshare

    I finally made it and i am atleast hoping for some good results from that network. have seen many good products and companies in there. so praying that i will get atleast some success with it.
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    How much earnings

    five figures is nice income and i wish i also make some figures from some of my sites. i am not so good in marketing side everytime i start a website it doesn't gets traffic high enough to make good profits. i think i will learn a lesson or two from here and then try them out till i get some...
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    How much you make from Domain parking / month

    I am still not understanding it correctly how can it get traffic in some months if it is already not there. we are not allowed to market out parked pages so how will it get traffic.
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    Do you believe in ghost?

    sorry for the question but i am not so smart. what is ghost? G means good and host means web host? so good web host? i think yes good web host does exists why to film them on video camera?
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    Simple Question

    nice information to know for anyone who is in domain name business and does business on forums that uses this kind of acronyms. thanks for the lists jayesh and nameslot.
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    SteadyNiche: win $5 per referral!

    hello friend i am also interested in this earnings. what kind of sites does it accepts. can i signup with a blog? are there any rules that we will recieve a payment only after some number of sales happens.
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    this domain name can only be worth around oscars awards time. maybe you should park it and test the traffic for it.
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    www domains?

    I also saw some people taking this kind of domains but most of the time i see them in expired domains list so got an idea that they might not be performing well so people are letting it expire.
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    SEO should be a programmer

    programmers life is easy then others as they can make softwares and scripts for their daily work and then they relax. others have to do that work again and again manually. programmers can get it done atleast semi-automatically.
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    Modern Domainer Magazine

    six times a year is good. so we don't get many small tits bits everyday in email and when we get the newsletter it will be good enough and worked on before releasing it.