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  1. Randall

    Working on the theme

    Working on the theme
  2. Randall

    Dynadot Domain Registration the Domain Register has chosen to become a sponsor/advertiser on, We want to thank and welcome them to the Nameslot Family. If you have not used them or never heard of Dynadot. Then you have been missing out. Here is some things about Dynadot. They listen-If you have a...
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  4. Randall

    Build a portfolio or start small

    Domaining can be easy to start but even easier to loose money. Today I will discuss different ways to start building your portfolio and feel free to add more in the post. When you first start there are a few different ways to do this. You can search deleted domains or have an idea of your...
  5. Randall

    Charging payment fees

    I am currently in a situation that a domain seller is wanting to charge me the fee of the payment processor. I am trying to work with the seller on this but in the mean time let’s discuss. Per his auction he stated that he would take the fee if it was chose to pay this way. Now that the auction...
  6. Randall

    Best backordering services

    Where do you backorder domains names so you may catch them? Recently I am testing out DynaDot for backordering to see if I get it or not.
  7. Randall

    Exchange Links

    I am looking for places to exchange links like bloggers, other forum, webamster marketplaces. Please email me or contact us at the bottom if your interested.
  8. Randall

    JoyFreak here!

    Thanks Carbon, I use to play games on Xbox and ps4 and pc now I have no time lol. welcome to the forum man!
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    Love the new look man, that’s the same theme this is built off of.
  10. Randall Registrar: Namecheap Expire Date: Dec 19th 2020 Renewal: About $12 $50
  11. Randall

    Prices going up for Com

    Full Story- Domain Incite
  12. Randall

    Hello everyone!

    I did because Phillip brought it to my attention that something was happening. But I have fixed that now I think.
  13. Randall

    Hello everyone!

    I think I fixed all the issues. Thank you for letting me know.
  14. Randall

    Hello everyone!

    Ya but anyone that has tried to sign up in the past 48 hours has been ban and email not sent.
  15. Randall

    Hello everyone!

    I think I may have fixed some issues with new members going straight to ban for spam. I do have to work out some amazon ses problems.
  16. Randall

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the forum sorry for the problems
  17. Randall

    2020 domain parking

    2019 has been a record year for parking with many new comers. who did you park with this past year and what do you expect in 2020?
  18. Randall

    Hey if you could give some feedback on how looks in the overall design that would be great. Looking for feedback.
  19. Randall

    Happy New Years 2019

    Heya, Glad you made it here Cy.
  20. Randall

    Hey Who am I

    Hey Nameslot, My name is Randall, I purchased Nameslot a week ago and went to work on the forum. A little background: I am 30 years old, married, kids, and been domaining for around 10 years. I am also a blogger and more.