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Recent content by Fischer

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    That would be great!
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    We should make a Staff Area Talk. Very important for communication between staff and owner.
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    Nameslot Team.

    Meh, you arent responding to me again!
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    SEO for the Big Three SEs

    Ranking your website highly on one of the "big three" search engines (Google, Yahoo or MSN) is a daunting task let alone ranking your website highly on all three. Three engines, three algorithms, three different sets of rules - and yet there are websites out there that have first page rankings...
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    Dot Com for free

    10 .be's would be worth it if you are selling in packs. Try selling like "Buy 5 domains and get 5 domains free." Since you bought them for free, why not sell them?
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    Nameslot Team.

    Just a side note: How's the network idea with image/video/blog stuff going on?
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    Nameslot Team.

    Hey Nameslot, Can you reply to my PMs? It's rather disturbing that I never receive a reply
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    Domain Name - How To Pick One

    1 more basic rule: Put yourself in the shoes of others. Would you, as another person, be interested in visiting that domain? That is one of the most important rule of all. If the domain sparks no interest? What for?
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    Maybe you all think that writing articles are too hard for you? Maybe you think it isnt worth the while? Then perhaps, this contest was made for you. From now to the end of January, the person with the most logical posts within this period will earn $1.31, to represent the end of the 1st...
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    Big list of directories

    Wow. thats cool. Thanks for the sharing!
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    Yes we are right now currently trying to replace non-active moderators. Please submit a form using the other thread.
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    Where is the shop?

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    Hello All!

    Thanks for your comments, but I do not teach when no one is learning.
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    Do you like PHP?

    Learning PHP isnt that hard, but it takes time. If you want to learn PHP, contact me via PM. If Nameslot should ever read this: I am a PHP programmer ;) That is a very big clue :D