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    On Trafficz, I never used that one although I used most of the other parked places. Trafficz requires a lot of domains, I think 50 of them have to be parked at their site. Otherwise one has to have a domain that is one that one would type in for type in traffic, or one with a lot of traffic...
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    www.VisaMasterKard.com For Sale

    RE: www.VisaMasterKard.com    For Sale You need to realize what Nick told you could be true, there could be some trademark issues and legal action on anyone who made a site with a name like that. A friend of mine had a domain name that Warner Bros. sued her and she had to take her...
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    WOW I am Number 1 on MSN

    This is fantastic news to hear! I think MSN puts the sites in their search engine before some other big search engines do, if I remember right and from our past experience. In any case, we're all happy for you!
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    Sedo Partners with Domain Capital to Finance Purchases of $10,000+

    This is interesting, does this mean that people would actually take out a loan to buy a domain name? That sounds quite risky to me. Quite tempting to some. Thanks for bringing this info to me, as I am no longer with the Sedo but was for some time so this is interesting to me.
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    Domains Parking & Revenue

    Thanks again, well you wanted God to help you so I think he sent me. Some have said I was an Angel, but actually just a person. Maybe this is why I joined so many parked domain places and had so many domains in there for a long while, to help you out with yours. There's a lot of them out...
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    1200+ uniques PM TimeTeen.com arcade 1021 games

    Just viewing the site now briefly. It is online, the first page just has a few simple lines of typing (could say heah go to my menu). They have the ad sense ads on the site as well. When I did click a games link on the menu area, it does appear with a list of things to choose from.
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    Nameslot 2000 Posts!!!

    This is fantastic to see, that this forum at Nameslot.com - domain name forum - has received 2000 posts. Congratulations forum members and good work! However, remember that QUALITY is what is important here, not quantity! We need to continue the quality posts and not worry about the actual...
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    Domains Parking & Revenue

    Nick, Let me know if you truly actually do start the parked site, as I could put whatever domains left that I have then there that are not in use that is. If you need help with anything as far as clerical/typing/proof reading/data entry, or answering emails, let me know later.
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    hiya !

    Hello there, So happy to see that more new people are finding this domain forum. Enjoy your stay here. You should learn a lot here.
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    Domains Parking & Revenue

    Nick, If you can make the script or program it yourself, then maybe you could easily program it to save yourself time and money. You'll have to also watch out for potential too fast of clicking or too many clicks from the same ISP. What is needed in a parked domain program that was not...
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    Domains Parking & Revenue

    Nick, I tried just about every parked domain site program there was and now I am fed up with them, did not make enough to cover domain renewals. One would have to get a lot of traffic to the domains and hope for lots of clicks to make much cash. Those sorts of sites must cost a lot to...
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    company wants domain back

    This is very interesting to me, a domain name expired because they did not renew the registration. Believe me I know, the domain registration people send MANY kind reminders letting you know (at least the ones I have do), that your domain name such and such is soon to expire and to please renew...
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    Porn domain firm sues US government

    What in the world is the world coming to. Well glad they didn't allow the porn domain names. Imagine the families and religious groups anger and the law suits that could come from all of this. And now some idiots want to sue the US for not allowing such filth on the internet. Well most of...
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    Get Free Appriasals

    There are several sites that offer free appraisals that have software to do the appraisals and I have tried a few. There are other places to buy this type of software to get domain name appraisals. Just remember like Nick said above, do not go by those. I mean I have had many of my domains...
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    Again, pls kindly inform members on domains that are up for sale here information such as the place they are registered at and the expiration date of the domain names. And yes whether they are parked or a site, etc.